DMAIC – The Control Phase

DMAIC is the methodology used to eliminate and control non value added waste. It describes the overarching principles in Lean project management and consists of 5 phases: Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control.

This sketchnote looks at the last DMAIC phase : CONTROL

In this final phase, you must look at ways to sustain the changes made in the IMPROVE phase.

This can be done by standardising, monitoring and controlling the new process, putting visual indicators in place to know when the process is getting out of control, re-applying the 5S system to reinforce the improved changes and having a response plan in place to fix the new problems.

In conclusion, Lean is a ‘continuos improvement’ process and although the project end shows significant benefits (in time, money or customer service) when compared to the project start, these methodologies should help build a culture in which everyone always remains constantly focused on ways to keep improving.