DMAIC is the methodology used to eliminate and control non value added waste. It describes the overarching principles in Lean project management and consists of 5 phases: Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control.

This sketchnote looks at the third phase : ANALYSE

Now that you have quantified the problem (see previous sketchnote – MEASURE), you will need to brainstorm to find the root cause of problem. This can be done in several ways:

1. Measure the nominal capacity of a process vs the effective capacity by knowing the factors that decrease the capacity. Use this to identify bottlenecks in your process.

2. Map out your defects vs numbers of occurrences, you will find that 20% of the causes can solve 80% of the problems. (Pareto Analysis – See reference)

3. Brainstorm the causes to your problems by categories in a fishbone diagram where the causes lead to effects that cause the problem.

4. Use this in conjunction with the 5 Why’s method in which you ask Why five times which leads you to the ‘Root Cause’!

My next sketchnote will look at the fourth DMAIC phase : IMPROVE

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