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Training methodologies

Honey and Mumford define 4 different categories of learning styles. Understanding how your audience learns best, and addressing each of these styles, will help to shape the optimum training methodology for your course. This sketchnote highlights … Read More

Training course design

This sketchnote outlines the process of training course design. From defining learning objectives to content development and use of resources, these 10 elements outline the components needed to successfully create and implement and evaluate a training … Read More


Competency frameworks define the skills and responsibilities required to perform a particular job role or function. This sketchnote looks at the different types of competency frameworks which can be used to support an L&D strategy. It … Read More

Learning needs analysis

A learning needs analysis can help organisations to understand the developments needs of their workforce and ultimately shape their L&D strategy. This sketchnote highlights two different approaches – Investors in People (IiP) and CIPD’s ‘RAM’. It … Read More